• Jes & Liz Castro: Couples who workout

  • Liz

    I think I thought about trying out CrossFit for at least a full year before I actually started. I was at a point in my life that I was trying to transition from competing in bodybuilding to something more functional. I was spending countless hours in gym and manipulating my intake to prepare for shows and I felt like I was missing out on enjoying life.

    My first impression was that I loved it, and I want to learn everything!

    Currently my goals are to complete a half marathon in April, come close to or beat my PR from 10 years ago 1:43. As far as strength I am looking to break my PR deadlift of 255.

    If I can go back a year ago, I think I would tell myself to rest more. I think it’s something I still need to learn to do.


    I’ve been CrossFitting for at least 4 years now. So with that being said I was a bit overweight before that and I tried to get into a routine. I first started with global gyms which I failed. Then I started Zumba which helped me lose probably 5 pounds. Then I lost the drive. Probably gained it back. Anyway at some point Christmas Abbott came out with her book and while reading she kept talking about CrossFit. So I researched what the hell is crossfit!?  Upon researching I found one near me at the time Crossfit845 in wappingers falls, NY.  I tried it and never looked back. I lost over 30 lbs doing this and have got a lot stronger

    After my first class I couldn’t breathe I remember the warm up being 1000 meter row (Hahahah never made it) I believe I may have gotten as far as 300 before the coach was like ok that’s good on to the next. Overall, every day I left there with a great satisfaction. I was sore, achy and tired BUT it started becoming addicting. I wanted to get better at movements and do what all the other athletes in the gym were doing. So that was my drive. I lost weight and kept getting stronger.  I went from hanging on the pull up bar and barely holding on to actually doing pull-ups one day.  It was the constant improvements that kept me coming in thru the doors.

    Bright spots/Accomplishments: I would say it would be the competitions that I’ve entered and where I placed. This is something I would never thought I would excel. Also my first spartan trifecta in 2018 CrossFit has helped me conquer those creative spartan obstacles and also has given me the endurance to finish them.  CrossFit has also helped me excel career wise I’m one of the Physical Trainers and Defensive Tactics instructors for our academies. I also met my wife at the CrossFit gym. So I have a lot to be grateful just with CrossFit alone.

    What am I working on now? Right now I am working on balancing my life. I commute to work, and I’m either teaching or doing my regular everyday  duties. So with that just balancing work with gym and home life has been a challenge as a commuter.  If only there were more time in a day! ?

    If I could go back and tell myself something? I guess I would tell myself it’s ok to slow down and start with the basics again.  I’ve got a couple injuries from work… and I kept pushing myself more at the gym which then back fire and made things worst for me.  So I would say slow down, rehab and go back to the basics. Which is what I’m doing now to slowly build up to where I was once.

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